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Leon Pulse — Creativity & Innovation


LeonPulse is a team of creative engineers of different disciplines with background from various countries who have come together in an innovative environment famous for its “can do” philosophy. Our commitment is to apply our pulse technology to address effectively, efficiency and economically some of the most difficult and persevering problems faced in large scale industrial facilities.


Although LeonPulse members have their own specialties in Chemical, Industrial and Electrical Engineering, they share a multi-disciplinary approach with a strong belief in keeping solutions straight forward and “simple”. The LeonPulse objective is to satisfy that objective, not to create an involved complex and costly solution.


No need for a Space Pen when a pencil is sufficient!


Ease of use

The detonation ash removal process is based on an advanced propulsion technology, known as pulse detonation. The blast wave created by the detonation interacts with and breaks the bond between ash compounds.


The reported advantages of pulse detonation cleaning are the ability to remove harder deposits s well as loose slag and ash. Each pulse detonation combustor can clean a relatively large area and reach areas inaccessible to conventional steam sootblowers.


Pulse installation has proven itself in various boilers or fuel-burning equipment as more efficient, than older technologies in controlling ash accumulations, limiting unplanned plant outages and increasing electrical productivity per ton of fuel burned.

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