for industry boilers and heaters

    Can SOOT GONE operate automatically?
    1. SOOT GONE™ is unique in that it can be fully automated as it does not require any downtime, or special preparation to ensure employer safety.Required instrumentation for automated operation is installed based on client's specifications and request.SOOT GONE™ can also operate manually.
    SOOT GON E™ consists of a Flame Front Generator and Pulse Generators. Although omnidirectional depending on the boiler size and shape, multiple pulse generators may be required. Can one Flame Generator serve multiple Pulse Generators?

    The answer is basically yes-the system can be configured such that one Flame Front Generator serves tens of Pulse Generators-however this depends on the length of the required manifold- a function of the installation physical layout.

    Is the detonation that generates the pulse dangerous?

    Not to worry-the pulse is generated by detonating only a few hundred cc's of gas/air mixture. Our priority is the safety of employees who need not evacuate the area prior to when the pulse is generated or have extra protection for their hearing. Equipment and boiler surfaces are also safe from scarring, micro fracturing or long term wear and tear.

    Other technologies in the market use truly explosive events to generate high mass deafening shocks, that pound boiler tubes and surfaces.

    The unique patented SOOT GONE™ technology uses a small detonation to generate a pulse of extremely low mass but at a supersonic velocity. This results in effective cleaning, with the benefit of safety to staff and equipment.

    Does SOOT GONE™ clean the inside or outside surfaces of boiler pipes, or both?

    SOOT GONE™ cleans the outside surfaces of water pipes and heat exchanges within industrial boilers from the ash, soot and slag that result from combustion.


    LeonPulse is currently researching the application of a similar pulse based technology to clean sediment from inside these water pipes and heat exchanges-stay tuned for future announcements!

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