for industry boilers and heaters

Our technologies based on pulse, cavitation and vortex in gases, liquids and powders.


LeonPulse is a “pure play” technology provider – committed to the application of pulse technology to solve various engineering dilemmas. Active soot cleaning of industrial boilers and heaters used in refineries, power generation and waste to energy plants is one of such problems.


Pulse technology is not “rocket science”, yet it has been overlooked for years by industrial suppliers who prefer more complex and expensive solutions with low cleaning efficiency. Today, belatedly, “detonation” solutions are starting to be available.


Soot Gone™ by LeonPulse provides a non-disruptive, high velocity omni-directional harmless wave that removes slag from heat transfer surfaces of the boilers and other equipment. The slag and ash simply falls away.



The common term, “pulse”, characterizes impact or force of short duration. It can occur in nature. Micro-pulses can create very high pressure in small volumes. The impact of micro-pulses on gases or liquids can be utilized for cleaning, mixing, drilling, decomposition, extraction, deactivation, disinfection, neutralization, demolishing of different substances, etc.


Cavitation is the formation of cavities in thick liquids filled with gases, vapors , or mixes. Cavitation bubbles form when the pressure of liquids decreases to a critical level. The decrease in pressure occurs due to the high velocities in liquids (hydrodynamic cavitation) or due to high intensive sound waves (acoustic cavitation). This technique is usually considered an undesirable phenomenon because of its destructive features. The collapsing bubbles create short time pressure pulses (10⁻⁶ sec with 10⁸ Pa) that can destroy pump impellers, turbine blades, etc. The collapse of a great number of cavitation bubbles is followed by a loud noise with the full spectrum of hundreds to thousands of hertz. The energy of cavitation can be used for positive results such as to mix liquids, form emulsions, treat heavy fuels, and other unconventional implementations.


The motion of liquids or/and gases with simultaneous forward translation and rotary movement can be used to stabilize floods, streams, and flame, the creation of directional pulses, etc.
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